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Trauma Touch Therapy

A mindfulness based, client- directed style of bodywork where people can experience larger and fuller states of feeling and being without getting overwhelmed. It is a co-created space between the client and therapist where the client is able to explore sensations and reinhabit the safety of their body with present moment awareness. 

What does a session look like?

TTT is designed to address an individual's needs. A major difference from traditional massage therapy is that a thorough intake and evaluation is done during the first session of Trauma Touch. Sessions run 60-90 mins and require 10 sessions. This is NOT traditional massage therapy; TTT is Somatic Bodywork. 

Somatic bodywork is an approach that recognizes a person's physical, emotional, psychological and mental history that is stored and manifested through the body.This whole body approach also helps release patterns of stress, builds your resilience, and increases awareness and contact with the wisdom of your body.
In blending with your whole self, we use techniques that include touch, breath, and conversation. You are an active participant in the bodywork, invited to observe what you feel, what you see, and what it means to you. 

We start off by checking in with a mindfulness exercise which then leads to a client steering the course of their session. I ask permission and consent to make contact with the body or ask the client if they are willing to place their own hands on their body. Touch may never be involved in a session! Other ways we can explore sensation is through play, movement, therapist directed self inquiry and mindfulness. The goal is to help individuals feel into their bodies again with safety while staying present in the experience. 


Who is right for TTT?

I am specializing in working with women who have survived trauma that impacts their quality of life. Each woman I work with must have a network of professional and personal support and to be dedicated and open to feeling and healing. She must also be out of harm’s way and not actively being traumatized by people, situations, or experiences (I am not a crisis interventionist nor a psychotherapist).

Traumas may include:
-Sexual and physical abuse
-Childhood trauma
-Witnessing violence
-Religion deconstruction
-Death of a loved one
-Car Accident
-Caretaker of loved one
-Veteran or Veteran Spouse
-Gender/Sexual Identity
-Pregnancy related difficulties (IVF, miscarriage, abortion, birth of any kind)
-Eating Disorders

Interested in Trauma Touch?

 Schedule a free 30 minute discovery call with me. I will explain in greater detail what the sessions and commitment entails, you have the opportunity to ask me any questions and we will discover if TTT is a good fit for you.

* this is a call or zoom session, not in person


More about TTT

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