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My personal practice and teaching has transformed over the years. I have come to find that yoga is not simply glorified stretching, it is creating the connection to your deepest self through conscious breathing, intention setting, and movement. The physical component of yoga is just one of the many ways in which we can practice. Asana (poses) is often the gateway to understanding ourselves, our strengths, our limitations, our self talk, and our beliefs that we can start to hear when we are quiet and present enough in our yoga practice. Breathing or pranayama, is another fundamental element of all yoga and in all classes I teach. Our breath is the bridge between our mind and our body, that when practiced mindfully, can help transcend our thinking mind and bring us to greater self awareness. 

"The process of healing begins when we breathe in. There is no way to healing; healing is the way. When we breathe mindfully, we bring our mind home to our body and there is a reunification of the body and the mind...When we bring our mind to our body, we stop our thinking...So just breathing in mindfully brings you a lot of freedom. In just a few seconds you get freedom from the past, from the future, from your thinking and your projects."- Thich Nhat Hanh
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